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3 Friends Record Themselves Drowning In Pond

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3 Friends Record Themselves Drowning In Pond 

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Old 05-24-2018, 09:48 AM
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Three men accidentally film themselves drowning in a deep pond in India after jumping in despite being poor swimmers

This is the horrific moment three men accidentally recorded themselves drowning, after setting up a camera film themselves swimming.

Chetan Khatik, 28, Sudarshan Chandel, 22, and Radheyshyam Khatik, 27, had stopped for a swim in a local pond during a bike ride through Rajsamand city in Rajasthan, western India.

Despite all three of them being poor swimmers, they decided to get into the deep pool at Gauri Dham Kund in the city.

They propped one of their mobile phones up on the side of the pond and the beginning of the three-minute video shows them splashing each other by the water's edge.

However, after one of them jumps into the deep pond, he starts to struggle, and the other two jump out into the deep end to help him.

Soon the three men are clambering on each other to try to stay above the water's edge, and one by one they disappear.

When they failed to return, their family members contacted the police, who launched a hunt and found the men had drowned at the pond.

Police officer Rajender Godara identified the men and said: 'The victims were relatives and knew each other well.'

Police found the mobile phone on the edge of the pond and found that it had taken less than three minutes for all the men to drown.

Ramesh Chandel, a friend of the trio, said: 'Chetan seems to have to gone towards the deep end of the pond and started drowning.

'Radhey Shyam and Sudarshan went to save him and lost their lives as well.'


Picture and Video Clip Stats.
File Type: mp4 3FriendsDrownInPond.mp4 (4.84 MB , 74956 views)
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This year's Darwin award is to be shared by . . .
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My vote for eeriest video on DR.

1.3 billion - 3 = 1,299,999,997 people


There is a surprise last gasp at 1:30 just when you thought this ordeal was over...
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Never seen anything so preventable. WTF.
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Why on earth would you enter a body of water if you can't swim? I agree. There is something eerie about this video. I think it's the birds chirping in the background and that last desperate gulp of air.
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I'm hoping this is fugazi. Otherwise, the level of fucktardary is truly astounding.
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Clever enough to press record on a cell phone, inept sufficient to be dead within a minute. Absolutely remarkable.
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Get the fuck out.
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Just as dumb as jumping out of plane without a parachute on. Idiots!
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