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Suicide Paradise - Section 6
Old 09-21-2009, 08:28 AM
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Originally Posted by viking64 View Post
I wonder if there are any suicidal failures staggering around these woods.
Actually, there have been quite a few attempted suicides out here and when hikers find them alive, they get saved, like it or not. :P There was one guy I saw on a TV show here who slit his wrists, then didn't die, and then went 3 days in the elements, was ALMOST dead, and a hiker found him and called authorities. Now he works for the suicide hotline to try to talk others out of it.
Oh yeah, forgot to add, I haven't made video yet because right now it is vacation season, and the woods are full of hikers. I want to go when it is empty and creepy.
Also, like to add, I saw my first suicide the other day, but it wasn't the forest, a guy from the apartment building next door jumped maybe 8-10 stories. The cops didn't cover him up for like an hour. Sorry no pics, my boyfriend said NO WAY! Sad though, young guy. :(
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