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Documenting Reality is a private member supported forum. If you would like to join the community, you can do so by donating a one time fee of $20 to the cost of running the site.

Even though we are one hundred percent legal, due to the nature of the content on the website, most mainstream payment processors will not work with us, so we need to use more censorship resistant methods, because of that you may find that getting a membership here is not as straightforward or as easy as it may be at other places, so I apologize for that, but if you care about free speech and free expression, you will want to learn as much as you can about crypto and web3.

If you're familiar with crypto or web3 you can use the forms below to join, apps like CashApp etc allow you to send crypto easy, but you can also email me at chris@documentingreality.com for the current list of alternative methods if crypto seems too confusing. Price may fluctuate a little bit due to current network fees, but should never be much over 20.00.

Pay by crypto

Pay by web3

(For other options, email me at chris@documentingreality.com)

If you are seeing this message and you DO have an account, please make sure you are actually logged in, AND you do not have anything blocking cookies (such as private browsing) as you need to allow cookies in order to stay logged in.

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