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44-Year-Old Mother of Two Shot to Death in Port Area, Manila 

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44-Year-Old Mother of Two Shot to Death in Port Area, Manila

This is part of my mass import from ImageBam and/or Imgbox before they will be gone for good.

She was shot dead by unknown gunmen while accompanying two of her children to school on December 8, 2016 in Port Area, Manila, Philippines.

I have transcribed the news video with the title "Married woman, shot in front of her two minor children"

Dennis Datu (reporter): Four .44 gunshot wounds to her head, abdomen, and thigh ended the life of 47-year-old Nora Acielo. She was shot by a man wearing red hood jacket in front of her two children in Port Area, Manila at 5:30 AM last morning. She was accompanying her two children to school when the suspect approached and shot her.

Joel Acielo (victim's husband): She accompanied her children (students) [to school] everyday. But this morning, I don't know what is the motive for her murder. What happened? He shot my wife.

Dennis Datu (reporter): According to the victim's husband, their children were traumatized especially a 7-year-old daughter who saw the shooter.

Joel Acielo (victim's husband): Someone's calling in my house. She was traumatized because she was constantly crying.

Dennis Datu (reporter): The victim has no record related to illegal drugs. So, her family and neighbors were shocked.

Joel Acielo (victim's husband): In illegal drugs, we are not involved. We are silent regarding that.

Dayaan Macarambon (neighbor): She was nice. Even if you [interview] her neighbors, she was not involved in [illegal] drugs.

Dennis Datu (reporter): The police eliminated the illegal drug as motive for the crime. But according to the victim's huband, she had previous confrontation with two of her neighbors due to their conflicts regarding their position in their market. So, the police is looking for this motive. The residents are feeling feared in this place. This is the fourth woman killed in this place this year. The first three [I already posted one of them] were involved in illegal drugs.

Dayaan Macarambon (neighbor): It looks like this [place] is scary. You don't know if someone cross the road to take you down.

Dennis Datu (reporter): The victim's children did not recognize the suspect. The CCTV has been damaged near the crime scene. So, the police is difficult in solving this case. Dennis Datu, ABS-CBN News.

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Re: 44-Year-Old Mother of Two Shot to Death in Port Area, Manila

Imagebam will be gone for good?

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Re: 44-Year-Old Mother of Two Shot to Death in Port Area, Manila

If she was capped 4 times with a .44mag she'd be perforated, especially if she caught a slug to the head, her entire head would be mush unless it was a glancing blow.

On another note, seems a .44 would be a highly unusual gun caliber for over there? I think a .45ACP or 9mm are more likely, especially the 9mm.

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