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Doublemurder in Bavaria, Germany 

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Re: Doublemurder in Bavaria, Germany

Originally Posted by RainbowSoldier View Post
His wife Heidi R. died from several hits on the head with an axe. All over her body around 30 stabbing wounds were found.
God damn what a work of a lunatic And yeah, it's the same here in Finland that you don't have much hope for local gore, the police and the press are usually strict with publicizing that kind of footage.

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Re: Doublemurder in Bavaria, Germany




About two weeks ago a world broke apart for the future killer. His girlfriend, Cornelia R. (17) broke up with him after ​​more than one year - at the behest of her mother, Heidi R. († 54), who never accepted her four years older friend. "What do you want with him?" She shouted again and again. Cornelia relented. The beginning of this incredible tragedy.

Since then, Christoph W. forged plans for how he can get his true love back.

Wednesday: He saw no other way out and began to plan for the evil deed.

Thursday: Christopher did not go to work, told his boss he is ill. Then Christoph figured that Cornelia's parents would be both out on friday morning. For him the perfect opportunity.

Friday morning: At 7:30 am he broke into the house in Notzing and grabbed a kitchen knife. When Franz R. († 60) arrived home a short time later, the killer attacked the pensioner immediately in the living room, killed him with five stab wounds to the torso.

Christopher W. had 2 hours left to bring the corpse into the basement. Heidi R. was still working at the community center. It was her who was the subject of endless hatred of the murderer actually. Ralph Reiter, spokesman for the prosecutor Landshut: "The murder of the woman came from a so-called overkill."

Actually the killer massacred his victims right after they crossed the threshold. Unbelievable: He ran into the hallway of the house with a knife, stabbed the woman 30 times in the neck and upper body. The autopsy revealed that Heidi R. was executed with an axe and a pole. Also her body was dragged to the basement by the killer.

Cornelia didn´t know anything about what happened after she came home from school in the afternoon.

Friday night: Almost completely motionless, Christoph received his ex, wanted to talk with her ​​again about everything. Only in the course of the conversation Cornelia knew what had happened before. She was sad, but she helped Christoph right away in eliminate the traces. Did she get intimidated to join in? The investigators speculate. In any case, what both did from Friday evening on to cover up the murder is almost inhumanly!

They dragged the body of Franz R. in the trunk of the family car and drove it to the 20 kilometers away Lengdorf. There, Christopher built a house for months. In the basement of the building, they poured petrol over the body and set it on fire. But the plan failed - there was still too much left of the corpse. So they grabbed the dead Franz and drove back to the Notzinger ponds to burry him there. There they couldn´t dig deep enough because of large tree roots.
Saturday morning: The path leads them back to the murder house. Christopher and Cornelia dug two big holes in the garden to get rid of the bodies there. First they undressed Franz and Heidi and wrapped them into old curtains.

Saturday morning: And they seriously thought they would get away with this! On Saturday they hid the family car and brought a pocket knife, the axe and rod to Freising to the house where Christoph lived with his mother. They also deposited the clothing of the murder victims here. Then they went back with enough cleansers to Notzing. Attorney Reiter: "It must have taken hours to remove the blood spatter. But they were powerless against the wall. Because they would have had to paint over it. "

Saturday afternoon: Those traces were the ones that Cornelia's brother Andreas R. found on sunday night. He alerted the police right away. Shortly after that Christoph W. turned hisself in.

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Re: Doublemurder in Bavaria, Germany

Thank you for all the updates!!

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