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Re: BB King Dead at 89.

Originally Posted by invertigo View Post
There goes a legend. Unfortunately there's no saluting emoticon.

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Re: BB King Dead at 89.

"The thrill is gone", no more "Ridin' with the king".


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Re: BB King Dead at 89.

Saw him at Casino Rama in May of 2012 . He sat in a huge comfortable easy chair and played his heart out. He kept forgetting his lyrics and joking with us about that very thing, Lucille did most of the singing for him that night and she never missed a lick. It was an honour to see him and amazing to see him touring when it was so obvious he was ailing. He was a true showman to the very core, and will be missed.


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Re: BB King Dead at 89.

You will be missed and the world is without a very great man.

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Re: BB King Dead at 89.

Ben E King (Benjamin Earl King) and B.B.KING (Riley B. King) is not the same person.

In this horrendous hath? Drowned in her hole.
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Re: BB King Dead at 89.

BB King and jerry lee Lewis were the only artists that refused to lip synch on American Bandstand

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