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Do you work at a place, or have access to images and video that would fit in here, or even something you think would make national news even if it doesn't fit in here? Contact me (chris@documentingreality.com) and let me know what you have. I can assure your 100% anonymity. I keep no IP logs, so even if someone were to inquire where the stuff came from, I couldn't tell them, because there is no way I could look it up. I did the same thing with NTFU, when the police wanted names of the military people who submitted gory war pictures, I sat in jail with my mouth shut. They never uncovered the identity one single person who submitted an Iraq war picture to my site. If you want more information on that, you can read about it in the NTFU link.
The largest expense this site incurs is not hosting and bandwidth; although those expensees are high, our largest expense by far, is attorney's fees. We are on retainer with some of the best First Amendment Attorney's in the country. So if you feel like you have something you want to get out to the world, but are afraid of the legal aspects, let me deal with it, I do it on a daily basis. I will post what you have and let my lawyers figure out a way to keep me out of jail. In the end, it's only the truth that matters.


The easiest, and one of the most helpful things you can do on the site is post. It takes a lot of time to make some of the threads we have here in the forum, and it's always encouraging to know that people are thankful for the time that's put into that. The best way to express that you're thankful is to make a response to the thread. Even if it's just to say thanks. =)


Have you seen something that you think documents reality, or would fit in here? Well toss it up. The whole purpose of this site is show the world things you might not see everyday. The only way for us to succeed in doing that, is for people to post things, so stop being lazy and show us something. Also, if you're looking to become a MOD, that's the easiest way to the top. I select my MODS mostly based on the quality and number of threads and comments they make.

4) Rate A Thread

Adding a rating to a thread only takes a couple seconds to do, yet really improves the site overall. It also encourages the people that make threads, to keep making more of them. So please, take the time to honestly rate the threads you view, it helps the entire community overall.


Fact - The site would not exist without donations. Although I do spend a great deal of my personal money to keep this site going, I can not afford it all on my own. So if you like the site, and can afford to, please buy invites, that's how you make a donation to keep the site up. Your donation level is also attached to your forum posts, that way everyone can see you support the continued existence of this site.

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