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Mexican Police Officer Kills A Protester For Asking Directions 

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Re: Mexican Police Officer Kills A Protester For Asking Directions

Originally Posted by joos View Post
Here's a hot take on this whole worldwide "George Floyd" thing: People are just mad at being cooped up from the virus shit, and have used the George Floyd thing as a reason to say "enough" and they're not as mad about George Floyd as they are about everything else and being quarantined pushed the world over the edge. There have been a large number of things that people have been sick of and simmering for years, and now everyone's anger about one thing or another has stirred into one pot under the guise of George Floyd and we're all taking it out on authority figures. The cops just happen to be the lowest level of that. It doesn't help that videos of individual cops misbehaving are all over the place, just helping to make them the continued targets instead of politicians...and I'm sure the politicians are relieved which is why most of them are turning a blind eye. They don't want to become the targets. In the end, people are just fucking tired of being told to stay inside and not go out and have fun and shit, on top of a lack of trust in authority, and this is the result.
The whole corona shit is a made up, corona exists, but is just slightly more dangerous than a flue.
You put the elder and the sick people into quarantine, thats it.
You dont lock down hundreds of millions of people for no reason.
The whole panic was set up for the people so they dont see that the complete financial system is going bankrupt, that trillions of tax payer money has again disappeared, the politicians will simply say, it was because of corona. End of the story.

And Bill Gates and the Pharma Industries are making billions for no reason again, same as the swine flue.

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