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Henry Lee Lucas Victim Orange Socks - Crime Scene Photos 

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Re: Orange Socks

i find it weird they first estimated her age 15-30 as
humans have two sets of teeth. "Baby" teeth (also called milk or deciduous teeth) start coming in at about 6 months, beginning with the central incisors in the mandible (lower jaw).

Each tooth type (incisors, canines, premolars, molars) erupts on a predictable schedule.

Permanent teeth begin to replace deciduous teeth at about 6 years and finish erupting by about 21 years of age.

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Re: Orange Socks

Originally Posted by Tiffany32 View Post
Look here fuckwit , I have my facts straight , he killed his mother only, you got that ?
While Lucas became known in the press as America's most prolific serial killer, he later recanted his confessions, and flatly stated "I am not a serial killer" in a letter to researcher Brad Shellady.[5] Lucas confessed to involvement in about 600 murders, but a more widely circulated total of 350 is based on confessions deemed "believable" by a Texas-based Lucas Task Force, a group which was later criticized by then-Attorney General of Texas, Jim Mattox, and others for sloppy police work and taking part in an extended "hoax".[6]

Beyond his recantation, some of Lucas' confessions have been challenged as inaccurate by a number of critics, including law enforcement and court officials. Lucas claimed to have been initially subjected to having been left naked in a cell with the air conditioner turned on and coercive interrogation tactics while in police custody, and to have confessed to murders in an effort to improve his living conditions.[3] Amnesty International reported "the belief of two former state Attorneys General that Lucas was in all likelihood innocent of the crime for which he was sentenced to death".[7]
Taken from Kelly's http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Henry_Lee_Lucas
Dang he was tortured and coerced with air conditioning in Texas to "tell the truth"

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