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Open Air Swimming Pool, Hofstade, Belgium 

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Open Air Swimming Pool, Hofstade, Belgium

around 1900 when the trainlines were being built, large holes were dug to get soil as the trainlines in belgium are often elevated on a mound not too different frm a long dyke. a lot of the holes were flooded and turned into lakes.

in Hofstade in 1932 plans were made to turn the lakes into a recreational facility with dance halls, play grounds, beaches, restaurants, cafés, football pitches, tennis courts, skate track and cycling track. The site was opened in 1933 by King Albert I.

in 1937 the site was modified to make it more sportier and part o that included the building of a large open air swimming pool.

in 1990 the swimming pool was closed and has laid derelict since.

source - http://www.urban-shoot.be/fotos-hofstade.html & youtube

i recommend muting the videos and playing your own music

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Re: Open Air Swimming Pool, Hofstade, Belgium

I wonder how many million gallons of urine were surreptitiously discharged there over all those years.

It looks like a bit of a bacterialogical nightmare to me.

I wonder if the worldwide spread of AIDS contributed to shutting this down.

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Old 12-09-2012, 09:35 PM
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Re: Open Air Swimming Pool, Hofstade, Belgium

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Re: Open Air Swimming Pool, Hofstade, Belgium

That huge red slide on the postcard looks fun!!

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Re: Open Air Swimming Pool, Hofstade, Belgium

Cool place.

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Re: Open Air Swimming Pool, Hofstade, Belgium

Great footage, love the production/hues

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