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LOST PLACES: Old Sanatorium in Germany! 

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LOST PLACES: Old Sanatorium in Germany!

Meaning and narrative of a sanatorium (definition):Sanitarium (German hospital) usually referred to clinics or spas, but also psychiatric clinics, in the Soviet Union, a general cure-or recreation facility.Since this long (s) Villa / sanatorium stands with us on the list.
Now it's done. The site was visited, and video shot during their high loads must still anxiously waiting.The main entrance is open. Also, balcony doors and windows. Plaster falling over a large area of ​​the walls, ceiling crashed. Who the former sanatorium. wants to preserve must hurry. (The client was the Jewish doctor)In March 2011, the city adopted a preservation statute - "the system overlooks the village and is of great historical importance for the health resort", it says, however, can not the city have the imposing structure of the owner of the 20,000 square meter area is.. four years of XXX.

During the years of protracted planning became the sanatorium, established in 1911 as a Jewish house in oblivion. A product and the commitment of the community group "XXX" hoisted the checkered Liegenschafts-story eventually into the public consciousness. The multi-storey building with its balconies and ancillary buildings is one of the last surviving evidence of Jewish bathing culture.

Still inside the paneled and decorated from ceiling paintings salons recognizable - but by the penetration of moisture and mold highly threatened.Suspicion of the circle"It is a scandal in which state the house is," said Ulrich, the "xxx" part of the urban heritage committee. It is pushing for the suspicion that the group can degenerate the former sanatorium intentionally "In the end, then only the demolition." End of 2009 shuttered tight, are now open the floodgates. Since the departure of the federal equalization office here in 1998, there is vacancy. multiple intruders have abated..

Between empty beer bottles are shards of window and door glass, the banister is largely destroyed musty smell fills the air parallels to another representative building, which fell under county-care are obvious.

The sanatorium must be maintained primarily for historical reasons, calls Cannawurf. Sites of Jewish culture, most of which were destroyed during the Third Reich were not only synagogues, cemeteries and ritual baths, but also other closely related entities with Judaism. Despite the many armed, hardships and struggles sanatorium + the premises expires very quickly!Note!Everyone entering the site voluntarily and at their own risk, we accept no liability.

The entering of such buildings, such as old mansions, factories, buildings, skyscrapers and monuments, and so on, is permitted only with explicit permission of the owners. If this is not observed, it may have consequences, such as: ads, or even in the worst case a prison sentence!

Picture and Video Clip Stats.
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Re: LOST PLACES: Old Sanatorium in Germany!

Interesting vid

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Re: LOST PLACES: Old Sanatorium in Germany!


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Re: LOST PLACES: Old Sanatorium in Germany!

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