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Fort Ord Military Housing 

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Re: Fort Ord Military Housing

Originally Posted by NoelPuppet View Post
This Base was a scene of horror not too long ago.

Christina 6/12/98
The temperature had just dipped below 60°F when fourteen-year-old Christina Williams took her dog Greg for a walk at 7:30 p.m. on June 12, 1998. When Greg returned home alone, trailing his leash at 8:20 p.m. Christina’s mother Alice immediately knew that something was wrong.

Christina and her family lived on the old Ft. Ord Army Base in Seaside, California. She was a petite 5’2” middle school girl with long black hair and brown almond shaped eyes. Christina had flawless white teeth that lit up a room whenever she flashed her perfect smile.

The FBI classified Christina’s disappearance as a stranger abduction. This allowed law enforcement to devote the full power of their investigative resource to her case. They quickly focused upon two Latino men, one slim and the other heavyset, sort of an evil Laurel and Hardy, as the primary suspects. They had been seen driving in Christina’s sparsely populated neighborhood in an older Mercury Monarch. One witness saw a “frightened” Christina in the car with the two men at approximately 7:45 p.m. Upon receiving a call from Christina’s father Michael, the KlaasKids Foundation organized community searches in cooperation with the Seaside Police Department. Celebrities like Clint Eastwood and Mariah Carey appeared in Public Service Announcements for Christina.

I spent very difficult days with Christina’s father Michael. He was an introverted Meteorologist for the U.S. Army who felt more comfortable in front of a computer than he did at the search center. As a result, Michael Williams was a pioneer in creating one of the first family based sites on behalf of his missing daughter. Michael and his wife Alice, a Philippine native, had raised their two daughters overseas and had only recently moved to the United States. Alice told me that she felt safe in America and that she wanted her daughters to take advantage of the American dream.

Despite the best efforts of all involved, months passed without a significant lead in the case. Finally, on January 12, 1999 an ecological surveyor discovered human remains on the former Fort Ord Army Base, about three miles away from Christina’s home. The identity of the remains was not confirmed for several days.

A few hours after learning that the remains had been positively identified as Christina, her mother turned toward a television camera and in her grief and anguish screamed, “You know who you are.” Unfortunately, we still do not know who they are.
She was a class mate of mine in 7th grade when we went to Fitch Middle School at Fort Ord in 1997. I remember hearing about her disappearance that summer. Very sad. On another note, as a kid Ft Ord was cool place to explore. Though now much has change and old buildings and houses have been demolished, a lot of the old is still there even the barracks from WWII.

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Re: Fort Ord Military Housing

Wow, awesome pic's... I was born in Fort Ord & never seen it till just now...Thanx for sharing

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