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Abandoned Home for the Abandoned 

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Re: Abandoned Home for the Abandoned


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Re: Abandoned Home for the Abandoned

I was lucky enough to hear a talk by a man who was an involuntary to a large warehouse for the "insane" in Pennsylvania, and kept there for over 20 years. He was diagnosed as a "catatonic schizophrenic" and given series after series of electroshock therapy. They called that therapy. He was put into straitjackets and dumped into the whirlpool baths--sometimes nearly ice-cold. He was punished for not obeying promptly when given a direct order by having his food taken away. I could go on...but the fact is that he was deaf. That's all--deaf. When I met him, he'd been through therapy to learn to talk, and to get some handle on the depression he'd go into every once in a while over this horrendous mistreatment, and shit, yeah--he was angry. But not bitter, and his anger led him to help educate people about these warehouses from hell and get people real treatment.

The poor people in this horrible home for the abandoned...no one saved them. God, my species baffles me.

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Re: Abandoned Home for the Abandoned

Originally Posted by Shakey View Post
Probably a big old crackhouse now.
Or a huge urban exhibition for graffiti!
That's the best thing about abandoned places

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