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Woman Raped on PA Train, Nobody Helps 

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Old 10-19-2021, 04:39 AM
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Woman Raped on PA Train, Nobody Helps

A man charged with raping a woman on a commuter train just outside of Philadelphia harassed her for more than 40 minutes while multiple people held up their phones to seemingly record the assault without intervening, authorities said.

More than two dozen train stops passed as the man harassed, groped and eventually raped the woman, the police chief for the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority said at a news conference Monday.

Police do not believe a single witness on the train dialed 911. They are investigating whether some bystanders filmed the assault.

Both the man and woman got on the train at the same stop Wednesday night in North Philadelphia. Officers pulled the man off of the woman at the last stop. They responded within about three minutes of a 911 call from a transportation authority employee, authorities said.

Arrest records show Fiston Ngoy, 35, was charged with rape and related offenses.
The affidavit of arrest for Ngoy detailed times of the assault, including that during those 40 minutes the woman appears to repeatedly push Ngoy away.

Nestel would not give an approximate number of witnesses and it was unclear from the affidavit how many passengers were present for those 40 minutes. Authorities have not released the surveillance video.

“I can tell you that people were holding their phone up in the direction of this woman being attacked,” he said.

There were no calls made to 911 in Philadelphia. Nestel said police were still waiting for Delaware County 911, which covers the last two train stops, to determine if it received any calls.

Investigators said in the affidavit that Ngoy sat down next to the woman about a minute after he boarded the train car, shortly after 9:15 p.m. The video shows her pushing him away multiple times until he is seen ripping her pants down at about 9:52 p.m.

“There were other people on the train who witnessed this horrific act, and it may have been stopped sooner if a rider called 911,” the authority said.

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Re: Woman Raped on PA Train, Nobody Helps

Not intervening out of fear I can kind of understand, crowd mentality can make groups act in strange ways (although there's nobody I know that could sit by and watch a woman get raped), but nobody calling the cops is unforgivable.

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Re: Woman Raped on PA Train, Nobody Helps

when is DR gonna get the video?

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Re: Woman Raped on PA Train, Nobody Helps

This was all over talk radio today

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Re: Woman Raped on PA Train, Nobody Helps

That's so awful, today's society would rather film something terrible happening than step in to help or stop it

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Old 10-22-2021, 02:22 AM
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Re: Woman Raped on PA Train, Nobody Helps

Originally Posted by HSO View Post
The rapist has a gook name.

And it occurred on public transportation...so the cunt was probably black, Puerto Rican, or some other stinky blemish.

Who cares.

Keep walking. Don't get involved
Death is the only medicine that could redeem you. I hope you're on a watchlist.

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