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Teen Girl Gang Attack Shop Man

This is the shocking moment a bunch of yob schoolgirls attacked a shopkeeper and kicked in his front door after being asked to leave for abusing customers and using foul language.
The scene which could be straight out of an X-rated St Trinian's film was captured on camera as the wildcats grappled with Turkish shopkeeper Cagdas Acikgov after he ushered them out.

The gang all aged about fourteen were then caught on camera violently kicking the windows of the front door as the victim tried to shut them out and bolt the door for his protection.

Click image for larger version

Name:	teen.JPG
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A second yob then smacked Mr Acikgoz in the face and the sound of her right hand striking his cheek can be clearly heard on the shocking video footage that was shot by a neighbour.

The 30-year-old storekeeper retreated inside only for two more girls to simultaneously kick the two doors open smashing the glass and causing £250 worth of damage to his property.

They then hurled vile abuse at him before the five-strong group fled the scene.

The footage of the attack has now been released and police are appealing for anyone who recognises any of the girl gang to get in touch and are asking for school teachers to scan it.

Incredibly one of the girls has apparently come forward to give her version of events on an internet message board.

Click image for larger version

Name:	teen1.JPG
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ID:	248098

The girl calling herself 'urmum1' claimed THEY were the "scared" victims of an assault at the hands of a "foreigner".
She wrote in her mistake riddled and yob style message: "We are a group of friends who stick up for each ova .... i have never bullied anyone in ma life n never would.

"They grabbed my friend without warning and assaulted her....they thn grabbed me so yes i struggled ....

"The people who assulted us are liars and to be honest i am very happy that my friend kicked the window in.

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Click image for larger version

Name:	teen2.JPG
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Re: Teen Girl Gang Attack Shop Man

X-rated St Trinian's film?

now abowt 'dose gul's, shame on dem. I'm only kidding. Dude, a bunch of teen girls do that to my establishment, I'm grabbing at least one of them and restraining her until the cops come. I don't know why the storekeeper didn't do that. It wasn't like he was invalid or a frail old man.

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Re: Teen Girl Gang Attack Shop Man

bitchslap and kick the door and runnnnnn

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