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Re: Sandusky Pederast

Originally Posted by ianmd3000 View Post
Undoubtedly that's a major factor here. That makes him no less responsible.
He still needs to be eliminated from the cess/gene pool.
Agreed. It is a shame that in adopting that kid from unknown circumstances his like was fucked up possibly more than if he would never have been adopted. He does need to be put down because he will never be rehabilitated. They fo it to aggressive dogs who actually probably could be rehabilitated through intensive therapy but not fucking cunts like this we know, based on countless studies, cannot change their sexual proclivities once they have developed a learned pattern.

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Re: Sandusky Pederast

Originally Posted by TheVrist View Post
It certainly isn't anything "ground-breaking". Wasn't my intention, really, to say that it was. More so, to me, just another one of those "coincidences" added to an already existing plethora of shit in her camp. Indirectly, or directly.

In this particular coincidence, more so indirectly connected to her Brother, whom so happened to be under the scope in 2015 for shady shit, and Sandusky came up often.
the clintons are fucked up people. one of the things that still fuckin pisses me off about Bill's behavior (as it shows the level of fucked up behavior he was and is willing to stoop to if he feels cornered and if he feels like it can change the focus) was August 20, 1998....two events happened:

1) Operation Infinite Reach which cost us a lot and in more ways than just finacially...

Each cruise missile cost between $750,000 and $1 million, and nearly $750,000,000 in weapons was fired in the strikes overall. The missiles' failure to eliminate their targets led to an acceleration in the American program to develop unmanned combat air vehicles. On September 2, the Taliban announced that it had found an unexploded U.S. missile, and the Pakistani press claimed that another had landed in Balochistan's Kharan Desert. Russian intelligence and intercepted al-Qaeda communications indicate that China sent officials to Khost to examine and buy some of the unexploded missiles; bin Laden used the over $10 million in proceeds to fund Chechen opposition forces. Pakistani missile scientists studied the recovered Tomahawk's computer, GPS, and propulsion systems, and Wright contends that Pakistan "may have used [the Tomahawks] ... to design its own version of a cruise missile."
....and it cost the people in the area of the strike faaaar more:

The Observer noted that "[T]he loss of this factory is a tragedy for the rural communities who need these medicines" quoting Tom Carnaffin, technical manager with "intimate knowledge" of the destroyed plant. A month later, Guardian correspondent Patrick Wintour elaborated that the plant "provided 50 percent of Sudan’s medicines, and its destruction has left the country with no supplies of chloroquine, the standard treatment for malaria". He continued that, despite this, the British government (who publicly backed the attack) refused requests "to resupply chloroquine in emergency relief until such time as the Sudanese can rebuild their pharmaceutical production". The factory was a principal source of Sudan's anti-malaria and veterinary drugs according to the CBW Conventions Bulletin.

Germany's ambassador to Sudan from 1996 to 2000, Werner Daum, wrote an article in 2001 in which he called "several tens of thousands of deaths" of Sudanese civilians caused by a medicine shortage a "reasonable guess".

Leo Casey disputed the 50% figure supplied by the Sudanese government, which "has every reason to inflate these numbers", and criticized the assumption that any deaths had to result from even a 50% loss, as Al-Shifa "was only one of six pharmaceutical factories in [Sudan's] capital city of Khartoum" and Sudan could have imported any replacement medicines it needed with the "greatly increased revenues from oil fields in the southern part of the country". Casey concluded: "Whether the government chose to import the medicine is an open question, awaiting evidence not yet in the public realm, and even if it had, such action would not absolve the U.S. government of responsibility for compensation, should it be unable to prove its case that the factory was being used for the production of chemical weapons. But the fact that the Sudanese government could easily have done so is unquestionable."

Human Rights Watch reported that the bombing had the unintended effect of stopping relief efforts aimed at supplying food to areas of Sudan gripped by famine caused by that country's ongoing civil war. Many of these agencies had been wholly or partially manned by Americans who subsequently evacuated the country out of fear of retaliation. A letter by that agency to President Clinton stated "many relief efforts have been postponed indefinitely, including a crucial one run by the U.S.-based International Rescue Committee where more than fifty southerners are dying daily". Mark Huband in the Financial Times wrote that the attack "shattered ... the expected benefits of a political shift at the heart of Sudan's Islamicist government" towards a "pragmatic engagement with the outside world".

Journalist Jason Burke, in the book Al-Qaeda: Casting a Shadow of Terror, claims that Operation Infinite Reach "merely confirmed to [bin Laden and his close associates], and others with similar views worldwide, that their conception of the world as a cosmic struggle between good and evil was the right one".

2) Monica Lewinsky complets a second day of testimony

Still stinging, sources say, from the way President Bill Clinton described his relationship with her, Monica Lewinsky completed a second day of testimony Thursday before the grand jury investigating whether Clinton lied under oath about their relationship or encouraged anyone else to do so.

Lewinsky did not talk to reporters as she left the federal courthouse, but her spokeswoman, Judy Smith, later announced Lewinsky's legal team believes she has finished her testimony before Independent Counsel Ken Starr's grand jury.

"She will, of course, as necessary ... continue to work with the Office of the Independent Counsel, as needed," Smith said. "Miss Lewinsky is really looking forward to beginning the process of rebuilding her life."

As Lewinsky was leaving the courthouse, national attention turned from the presidential sex scandal to Clinton's emergency announcement of a U.S. military attack on "terrorist-related facilities" in Afghanistan and Sudan.
....so, why would i think this was intentional? because all evidence leads to that conclusion:

American officials have acknowledged over the years that the evidence that prompted President Clinton to order the missile strike on the Shifa plant was not as solid as first portrayed. Indeed, officials later said that there was no proof that the plant had been manufacturing or storing nerve gas, as initially suspected by the Americans, or had been linked to Osama bin Laden, who was a resident of Khartoum in the 1980's.

now....if that's the known shit....what is hiding in the closet?

convoluted but he has a point...and what 'unknown unknowns' could the Clintons be hiding?

High moral character is not a precondition for great moral accomplishments.
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Re: Sandusky Pederast

Thinking everything is a coincidence can lead to a disaster.

Ignoring that check-engine light that pops on every-time you pass a particular spot everyday on the highway, but relieved it goes away and just laugh it off as a weird coincidence, could mean a blown motor later (yes it happens, a lot).

leaving people pounding their refresh button circa 2010.
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Re: Sandusky Pederast

Keeping the family traditions alive!

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Re: Sandusky Pederast

Just when you think you've licked your way to the center of this news-story Shitsie-Pop, you find out the center is, in fact, an onion.

I hope dad and son both die from slow, agonizing ass cancer.

Since we broke up, my ex has had the clap so often it's more like applause.
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