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Ron Paul Having An "On Air" Stroke 

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Old 02-05-2021, 01:07 AM
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Re: Ron Paul Having An "On Air" Stroke

That's what happens when you Smoke some Good Shit

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Re: Ron Paul Having An "On Air" Stroke

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Old 02-16-2021, 06:10 PM
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Re: Ron Paul Having An "On Air" Stroke

Originally Posted by Dr Thrumpkinz View Post
I like this little guy, so this really is less humorous than it could be.
Weird as hell though, and very interesting. Like one of those old chalkboard erasers catching itself smearing something important--luckily, after just its first light pass.

Say for instance, if it had been someone like Joe Biden or Donald Trump, well now that would have been a mouth watering siesta of all that is beautiful and scrumptious. Netanyahu even, or little Gerta Thrundlbert. Perhaps even simultaneously on a stage with some royalty, and the Gates. Add a pinch of Bill Nye, a couple cranks of Neil deGrasse Clintons, and turn up the heat. Then finally, to make it still only fractions of a single percent complete, a dash of that cocksucking Judas floozy Anthony Fauci.

Good grief! My ass would be set for mutherfucking weeks.
How is fauci a judas? Enlighten me!

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