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More Insane Changes to Appease the Trans People! 

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Re: More Insane Changes to Appease the Trans People!

Originally Posted by Moloko View Post
But it does affect women. Why should women, mothers and girls be erased out of our own experiences because a microscopic community of violently misogynistic autogynephiles demand it?

Why should girls lose their athletic scholarships to men pretending to be female?

Why should gay women have to tolerate heterosexual men, LARPing as lesbians, threatening them with violence because they don't want to be penetrated. This is how rapists behave.

Why is it any of your business anyway?
It becomes our business when we don’t use the confusing new terminology that did not ever exist before and people have to act like we were trying -on purpose- to outright fucking murder them because we didn’t address them in the way they require and demand. Fuck that ridiculous noise in particular!

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