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The Boy Obama Ate Dog. 

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Old 04-25-2012, 07:42 PM
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Re: The Boy Obama Ate Dog.

Originally Posted by xstunt1ngx View Post
In some places around Asia they've pretty much created a breed of dog to be consumed as meat and not as a companion, just like cattle.

Personally, I would never eat dog, fuck that.
Are you trying to say they won't eat regular dogs? Growing up in Riverside California I remember when a family of Tongans moved in behind our shop. In their backyard they had a small pen where they kept about six or seven dogs. They fed the dogs well but never played with them. The dogs were smallish and mixed breed. I remember clearly about six months after the puppies showed up and had become almost full grown dogs they had a party. And the next day the dogs were gone. I thought that was odd and couldn't figure the connection unless the party goers had been given the dogs as gifts. (I was sure naive!).
So a couple weeks go by and the little pen is again full of puppies. They fed them well as before and the puppies grew and grew and got very rotund. (like last time).
Another party and again the dogs are gone. This time I realized what was going on. The dog eaters have arrived in my home town.
In case some doubters are wondering how I know when it's Tongan party time..... the streets are full of cars around that house and there is lots of loud Island music. Personally I prefer Samoans to Tongans. Samoans are much less prone to fighting and better neighbors. I once lived with a Samoan guy who introduced me to all his friends. And no one ever ate dogs. Their main diet seemed to be turkey tails and rice. At least that's what we ate as students.

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Old 04-27-2012, 04:44 PM
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Re: The Boy Obama Ate Dog.

Extremists are on both sides and are dangerous.

Much bad has been done by trying to do right.

If you can find a bit of happiness in this world, take it, you might not get another chance.

In the words of Dr. Frankenfurter, "Don't dream it, Be it" !

Originally Posted by Steve 1 View Post
Prison isn't so bad
Originally Posted by Steve 1 View Post
While driving around and watching men/boys in parks I got aroused.
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