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4 Year Old Rescued After Falling Between Walls in China 

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Old 10-21-2012, 07:38 PM
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4 Year Old Rescued After Falling Between Walls in China

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The parents of a four year old boy are rejoicing after their son was rescued from between two walls in a village in eastern China. They say the boy was playing on a balcony, three stories high, and fell. But he didn't fall to the ground, he got stuck between two buildings, in a gap just 25 centimeters wide. Rescue crews worked for hours to get him out. Brick by brick, they cut through from the inside of one of the buildings to reach him. Finally, they removed the brick covering his face, and he was freed. A doctor examined him immediately after. Amazingly, he only suffered minor bumps and bruises.

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Re: 4 Year Old Rescued After Falling Between Walls in China

lucky kid after all

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Re: 4 Year Old Rescued After Falling Between Walls in China

He's lucky. Last time I heard about someone falling into a wall in China they were buried in it. Something called the Great Wall...

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