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Working Accident Results in Loss of Leg. He Calls 

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Re: Working Accident Results in Loss of Leg. He Calls

Originally Posted by deanmine View Post
July 9, 2010. I had an industrial accident resulting in a leg amputation. This is my 911 call to the Orange County Sheriff's Office and the Orange County Fire Department in its entirety. I am very pleased with the job they did keeping me alert and responsive, and I have stayed in contact with all three of the people in this audio, including the responding officer who found me.
There’s a game called 911 dispatch or something on STEAM, and it features a call that has exactly the same words that you used during this events. Are you aware of this? You can check it out on YouTube as well.

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Re: Working Accident Results in Loss of Leg. He Calls

They should play this audio for everybody who ever works in a manual labor job.

Truly a baller under pressure, you'll do fine in the apocalypse.

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Re: Working Accident Results in Loss of Leg. He Calls

I grew up in South Miami . Fort Lauderdale as well ,, the crazy fucking 1980's .. Miami River Cops Case , Sal Magluda and Willie Falcon offshore racing .. What people are unaware of ,, is ,, an unimaginable number of illegal immigtants were used by contractors down there during the busiest building boom in the country .. Not only did everybody get rich , ( alot of cash can be made , using labor , off the books ).. but , they went a few steps further , they figured out ways to make even more cash . EXAMPLE -- say a 12 foot sheet of drywall requires 24 to 36 drywall screws , well , they got so greedy , you were lucky if they used 12 .. When Hurricane Andrew hit ,, whole subdivisions in KENDALL ,, fell over like a stack of cards .. That big building that fell over in Miami Beach // You can count on seeing alot more of that in the next 20 years

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