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Sitora B: Girl Died After Crashing Her Car During Live Stream Broadcast

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Sitora B: Girl Died After Crashing Her Car During Live Stream Broadcast 

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Old 03-29-2017, 11:13 AM
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22.03.2017 - Russia, In Kazan the girl crashed in an accident during a live broadcast in the VC. The 22-year-old girl driver, identified as Sitora Baratova (Sitora B), was driving a Daewoo Matiz at excessive speed, drove into the oncoming lane, and crashed into a bus. Apparently it was more important for her to focus on the live stream while driving, instead if keeping her eyes on the road, and she paid the ultimate price.

Picture and Video Clip Stats.
File Type: mp4 First%20Information%20Report.mp4 (2.03 MB , 307411 views)
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Good show.
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she got nailed hard... rammed up into her nice and hard...
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Announcing one Darwin Candidiate. Didnt even see it coming bang!
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Maybe I'll have a t-bone in her honor tonight
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That was the Russian bride I was looking for too, damn Darwin!
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fuckin streamers deserve it_
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dumb bitch!
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cyka blyat
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Great contrast between how this video starts and how it ends. One moment singing and happy and then all of a sudden not so much.
Such is life.
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