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Limit bumping old threads

Please try not to bump too many older threads. Doing so puts them on the first page.

If stacks of old threads get bumped then the front page becomes full of old threads and pushes the new content submitted by users down.

This can make it seem to regular members that there are not any new threads for them to view.

So please limit bumping from the back of the forum :) 3 comments a day on months old threads is enough.

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"Repost!" Comments - Just Report it

Please refrain from hammering any new threads with "Repost!" if the content is already on here. People don't know/remember everything on here and it can knock their confidence in contributing to the site.

Reposts will be merged with the original threads as they are found and/or reported. It would help if you could paste the link to the original thread, if known, as this helps the team deal with reposts quicker.

Please don't bump too many older threads ( 3 months - older ) as new threads will be pushed further down the page(s).
Many thanks for your co-operation

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If Videos Do Not Work For You Read This

Please go through this list if you are having trouble with videos.

1) If you are having problems take 5 minutes and update your flash player, you can do that here
http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/ and it takes less then 5 minutes. This solves 90% of problems encountered with videos on this site.

2) Some videos do not play all the way through, this was an error in the previous encoder the site was using. This should only happen for SOME videos dated before 2009. All videos uploaded during 2009 should work.

3) If you have updated your flash player, and the video is a 2009 video and still not playing please make a post in the tech support area with a link to the video so I can check it out.

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