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Tortured By French Army

Algerian Liberation Front fighter, tortured by the French Army

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Re: Tortured By French Army


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Re: Tortured By French Army

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Re: Tortured By French Army

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Re: Tortured By French Army

That's Amirouche Aït Hamouda AKA "Colonel Amirouche";

he wasn't tortured, he was just killed in action by French troops on March 29, 1959. He's a national Hero to algerians. He was killed when he went to Tunisia to meet the Provisional Government of the Algerian Republic; he was escorted by forty combatants (djounouds).
Unfortunately, the route of his travel was reported to MLAG (Ministère de l'Armement et des Liaisons générales), which decided to ambush him between Tsameur and Djininibia; after a bloody battle, the french soldiers supposed to obliterate him did surrender to his troops. He decided to hide in some caves in the closeness; those caves were technically impossible to be approached without reporting casualties (in a FAIR battle).
France had to send the Elite of its Foreign Legion, the second squadron of the 1st Regiment spahis plus a bunch of infantry units and its AIR FORCE to destroy the caves.
Finally, French Aviation, Infantry, Air Force, Special Forces alltogether managed to destroy the caves, and killed him.

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