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Wow - Central Park Rape 

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Re: Wow - Central Park Rape

moo slums and US blax share almost identical low life Ghetto Trash CULTCHAS.

That's why you see so many black moo slums.

And why they behave in such similar ways.


Same 'victim' based identity - while they are, in reality, VICTIMIZERS.

Same sociopathic refusal to take responsibility.

Same inherent violence.

Same criminal mindset.

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Re: Wow - Central Park Rape

DR is now Stormfront....

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Re: Wow - Central Park Rape


Why not join us at:
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Re: Wow - Central Park Rape

Originally Posted by Bletch View Post
Really (fun?!) dude but a word of advice regarding the rules for this section;

" No flaming or trolling here, you will be banned."
Then do something about it, you hypocrite... and be consistent.

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