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Mom Tries To Perform Sex Change Operation On Her 4 Year Old Son In Burger King 

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Old 07-31-2015, 11:25 AM
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Mom Tries To Perform Sex Change Operation On Her 4 Year Old Son In Burger King

News 8 – A stand-off at an Atlanta, Georgia Burger King nearly ends in tragedy after a mother tries to castrate her son in an attempt to make him a woman before school starts. Laura Lambert, 25, was arrested on Wednesday and booked on charges of child abuse, child endangerment and assault. According to police reports, Lambert was seen scolding her son in the Burger King play area telling him “I told you not to wear that shirt! Pink, you were supposed to wear pink!” -
Eyewitnesses say Lambert swatted her four-year-old son and told him, “If you don’t stop acting like a boy, I’m going to take you into the bathroom and whoop your *ss.” Then, she did just that. Kimberly Wilson, a patron at the restaurant, said she saw Lambert dragging her son into the restroom and immediately told the manager.
“She dragged him in there by his hair. The boy has beautiful, long hair,” Said Wilson. “Then, all we heard was screaming. ‘No mommy no!’ That’s all we could hear. The manager got the key to the restroom and there was blood, just blood.” Tommy Robertson, the manager of the Atlanta Burger King, said when he was able to access the restroom he tackled Lambert to the ground removing a 5 inch pocket knife from her hand. The customers at the restaurant said the scene was absolutely terrifying.
“This is something I will never be able to get out of my head,” Wilson said as she hugged her daughter who was with her that day. “I could never imagine harming my child. I hope they lock up that nasty b*tch for the rest of her life!”
The four-year-old boy suffered lacerations to his genital area which required 12 stitches, as well as bruising to the arms and face. He is being treated at the local hospital in stable condition. Authorities say he is being released to his father. As for the mother, she has remained silent since the incident and has refused to give a statement to police.

- See more at: http://now8news.com/georgia-woman-tr....vzvFpMXu.dpuf

Your Source For Death Pictures and Death Video

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Old 07-31-2015, 11:29 AM
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Re: Mom Tries To Perform Sex Change Operation On Her 4 Year Old Son In Burger K

This is exactly why I need to be rich: to have people like this killed.

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Re: Mom Tries To Perform Sex Change Operation On Her 4 Year Old Son In Burger K

It's a spoof article

leaving people pounding their refresh button circa 2010.
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Re: Mom Tries To Perform Sex Change Operation On Her 4 Year Old Son In Burger K

This bitch is obviously a mental case whom has no business having a child.

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Old 07-31-2015, 09:14 PM
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Re: Mom Tries To Perform Sex Change Operation On Her 4 Year Old Son In Burger K

Somebody needs to perform a hysterectomy on this nutty bitch ASAFP...

Old 08-01-2015, 04:15 AM
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Re: Mom Tries To Perform Sex Change Operation On Her 4 Year Old Son In Burger K

Needs to be erased- yesterday

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Re: Mom Tries To Perform Sex Change Operation On Her 4 Year Old Son In Burger K

Now8News (styled to mimic a local television station news site, like KLAS) is a newcomer to the burgeoning fake news genre, one that further aims to confuse readers by blending wildly sensational claims like the one above with re-writes of actual news events. The pig sex tale is (of course) false, and the mugshot was one of sovereign citizen and former fugitive Edward Eugene Harper.

On 17 July 2015, Now8News published cannibalized a fabricated claim (involving a man on a park bench being eaten by pigeons) which first appeared on the similar fake news site NewsWatch28. On the same date, Now8News published a different, entirely made-up story claiming McDonald’s was caught using aborted fetuses in Chicken McNuggets.
so closing thread

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