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Child Rape

In 2006 there were 55,000 reported rapes in South Africa but official estimates are that another 450,000 rapes were not reported. Therefore, about 1,300 women can be expected to be raped every day. A study by Interpol, the international police agency, revealed that South Africa has the most rapes in the world - a women being raped every 17 seconds and this does not include the number of child rape victims.

Interpol estimated that one in every two women in South Africa would be raped. Raping children as a cure for AIDS is a vile practice. The Telegraph reported on 11 Nov 2001 that on an alleged rape of a nine-month-old baby girl by six men in a remote part of rural South Africa was part of an 80 per cent rise in child sexual abuse over a year, much of it connected with the Aids pandemic.

More than 67,000 cases of rape and sexual assaults against children were reported last year, compared with 37,500 in 1998. Some of the victims were only six- months-old. Many die from their injuries, others contract HIV. The largest increase in attacks has been against children under seven. There is a prevalent superstition that having sex with children cures Aids. Police said at least one of the men who raped the nine-month-old girl is HIV-positive. The baby has also been tested for the virus and given anti-retroviral drugs as a precaution.

The child below was raped and beaten. She is from South Africa's white population. Name unknown.

I visited "amazing" Africa - well, South Africa, near Jo'burg - and this goes on DAILY

Your Source For Death Pictures and Death Video

Why not join us at:
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Re: Child Rape

wow thats some really disturbing info.but a good post

dont go away mad,just go away...
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Re: Child Rape

Stupid stupid people!!!!

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Re: Child Rape

what a gorgeous little girl. She is going to need a lot of therapy

I am not not licking toads
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Re: Child Rape

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Re: Child Rape

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Re: Child Rape

Sick fucks.See, these kinds of problems can be solved by good ol Mr.Browning.

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Re: Child Rape

Jesus fucking Christ, what is WRONG with people?

There is a prevalent superstition that having sex with children cures Aids.

Do people just not have any common fucking sense? Or are they too selfish to give a shit?? I don't care if I had a fucking hour to live and I was told that raping a child would save my life.. I'd gladly fucking die to allow that poor child their innocence. Poor babies, I'd love to get my hand on even one of these stupid assholes.

Originally Posted by MCBR View Post
she's the reason we have instructions on shampoo bottles and corn ice-cream
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Re: Child Rape

THIS is the post I meant to put this link in.. lol ugh

Originally Posted by The Last Nephilim View Post
What can I say? I love Weatherly's cunt blood all over my body...
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Re: Child Rape


Death is the answer to man's problems - no man, no problem. - Joseph Stalin
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