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Re: Casey Anthony Trial

Originally Posted by sherrimccharles View Post
Carla is canadian, our thingy is fucked up like the american thingy. I guess its all the same
that's what i'm saying! it's pathetic.. karla was allowed to change her name and start a new life - complete BS. casey anthony will be granted the same pleasures!
karla has been walking the streets for 6, or so, years - how has she managed to stay alive ?? !!

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Re: Casey Anthony Trial

If she is not guilty, then Scott Peterson should be not guilty. Both only had circumstantial evidence.

"The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing."
-Albert Einstein
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Re: Casey Anthony Trial

Originally Posted by Kimosabe View Post
How could that happen? Even if, for the sake of argument, it was an accidental death (and I don't believe it was) how does the jury justify Casey in not reporting that she was 'missing'.
When I heard that Casey had googled 'Chloroform',I originally came to the premise that Casey had killed Caylee accidentally by using this drug on her so she could party & miscalculated the dose.THAT is the only accident you'd cover up & try to make look like it wasn't your fault &/or someone else did it because admission of doing such a heinous thing would definitely get you a manslaughter conviction.Either that or an aquaintance raped & killed Caylee while Casey was off her face on booze & crack during a party & having no idea who did it,tried to distance herself & from it.But I changed my mind when I read she'd also googled 'neckbreaking' & 'death' & wrote in her diary the following on June 16:
"I have no regrets, just a bit worried. I just want for everything to work out OK. I completely trust my own judgment and know that I made the right decision. I just hope that the end justifies the means. I just want to know what the future will hold for me. I guess I will soon see – This is the happiest that I have been in a very long time. I hope that my happiness will continue to grow– I've made new friends that I really like. I've surrounded myself with good people – I am finally happy. Let's just hope that it doesn't change."
That coupled with the "La Bella Vida" tattoo around the same time & her happy demeanour when her child was a corpse in a ditch =only one conclusion:
Bitch is guilty as hell.

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