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911 Call From The Amanda Buckley Murder 

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911 Call From The Amanda Buckley Murder

In July 2007 a Palm Beach Gardens (Fla.) father dialed 911 to report that an 18 year-old girl was dead in his son’s room from an overdose. Amanda Buckley was later found to have been strangled and bound with duct tape, and the caller’s 26 year-old son Jason Shenfeld was arrested for murder. Parents can be such a buzz kill.

Shenfeld told his father that the teen overdosed on drugs and he panicked, a Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office report states. Then he fled.
Investigators found duct tape in Buckley's hair, bruises on her body and evidence of rape, according to the report. They also found a garbage bag filled with duct tape and rope.

An autopsy Saturday revealed that the college-bound softball star was strangled, beaten in the head and sexually abused. Shenfeld was arrested that night on a warrant alleging first-degree murder, sexual battery and false imprisonment.

But before calling 911, Shenfeld's father and uncle left his mother at their Ardel Drive home with Buckley's body and drove to an attorney's house to bring him back to the scene.

The lawyer had represented Jason Shenfeld before.
About eight months ago, two women, ages 18 and 19, told Palm Beach County sheriff's investigators that Shenfeld forced them to perform a variety of sex acts, both on him and on each other, at the North Palm Beach home where he formerly lived.
They had been drinking rum, passed out and awoke to find him naked and dragging them into his bedroom, a report says.

The teens told a detective that Shenfeld carried a knife with a foot long blade and threatened to sic his pit bull on them if they resisted. He bound them with duct tape, they said.

The detective saw the young women's scrapes and scratches and found DNA evidence at the scene. But prosecutors declined to file charges of armed sexual battery and false imprisonment Jan. 31, saying the allegations could not be proved beyond a reasonable doubt.

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Re: 911 Call From The Amanda Buckley Murder

Wow, few things could make you not love your own child,but this would do it for me. Sick fuck

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Re: 911 Call From The Amanda Buckley Murder

Unless U are a parent ushould never throw stones when living in a glass house

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